May 17, 2012 by Jeffery in Travel

Three years ago I made my first trip to China. As a Taiwanese, I had preconceived notions of what China was like, much like the rest of the Taiwanese people.

Growing up, television, news media and adults didn’t paint the Chinese people in the most positive light. Though having met a few of them overseas and been to China now, it seems a lot of that came from biased opinions of grandpa’s generation. Before China opened it’s door, we simply didn’t know much about each other. In this trip, we traveled around the smaller cities and the countryside. There was a sense of innocence and purity the places and it’s people possessed. Chinese people seemed to lack the overly self-conscious nature of Taiwanese people, this made them more approachable.

Of course, no culture is perfect and it’s the flaws we often hear about. But the truth is, the Chinese are beautiful people.


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