October 7, 2012 by Jeffery in Travel

Living on the far side of the world, I have often fantasized what Europe looked like. Upon arrival the D300 was set to 8fps and I was ready to machine gun my way across the continent. But in its infinite wisdom, reality had a homework for me. It is simply not that easy to take photos here.

Right away the amount of textures & tones in architects, landscape and people was overwhelming. There is simply more of it in every respect. While it is easy to take a good picture here, it is hard to make a great one. For a photograph to really sing, everything has to come together. So after four month of test shots, observing the people, studying the quality of the light I finally got the ‘feel’ of Europe. It is like an illustration from a storybook. It has soft colours but full of textures and its majestic image tainted by modern reality.

So here some establishing shots of Europe. These were taken in Freiburg, Stuttgart, Basel and Zurich. Was Europe how I envisioned? Hell yes.



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