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May 18, 2012 by Jeffery in Travel

Napier really has the best of both worlds. Aside from a few major ones, most towns & cities in New Zealand seem to exist in a vacuum of time. In these cities, it is as easy to buy hand picked fruits down the road as it is to walk to the nearest electronic stores to buy the latest iPad. Napier is one of these cities. There is a beach 10 minutes away in any direction, and you can’t make a turn without running into a vineyard. The people here seems to be in a perpetual state of holiday mode, they are so relaxed, friendly and easy going you don’t know how it works. But soon the hows and the whys fade and you settle into this dreamy & healthy state of life. This place is highly recommended for those that needs de-stressing.

Maybe Peter Jackson was right, perhaps New Zealand is one big Hobbiton.


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