nikon FM2 + kodak TX-400

July 21, 2014 by Jeffery in Blog, Travel

Two years ago while in Taiwan, I bought a roll of B&W film just for fun. The idea was I would go back to Europe, visit different places and just shoot a full roll of really great photos. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way because after a single afternoon stroll in London, I realized were I to continue doing this I would have to carry two cameras with me at all time. I really didn’t want to limit myself to just couple shots on every outing so this wasn’t practical.

So two years later someone borrowed my camera, finished the roll and had the images developed. The results were just amazing. While I don’t mean these are the best composed images ever, but the tonality, dynamic range and just the general aesthetic pleasantness of film just blew me away. On a purely visual level, these images look similar to the works of my photographic heroes, the street photography masters from the 40s & 50s.

The other thing was, the Nikon FM2 is a much smaller camera with a quieter and more responsive shutter, this allowed you to sneak up on people easier than the big daunting digital D300. This camera is just a joy to shoot with, only the essential controls are available but that’s really all you need. Unfortunately I only took six photos (one wasn’t good) but I’m over the moon with the results.

I am hooked, Ilford XP2 400 here I come!

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