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September 17, 2012 by Jeffery in Observations

For the longest time I had one idea of how to become the best photographer possible. Intuitively, this has been to live & breathe photography as if it was the subsistence of life. You are a photographer first, a person second. While this help with technical side of things, but ultimately this philosophy won´t get you there. Upon studying the lifes of photography and other visual arts masters, they seemed to operate on another set of philosophy. To feel, experience and live. Be the best human being you can be.

Interviews of great photographers, actors, comedians or scientists often reveal this. These are people who can inspire with passion for their crafts, and at the same time tell you the meaning of life with supreme confidence. They are also open to new experiences and not afraid to comprehend unfamiliar emotions. These experiences, knowledge & emotions are internalized and integrated into their thought processes so flawedlessly that it flow out naturally on the other end. We, as the viewer, see these ‘growth’ as the subtlety and details present in their work.

Truth is, the act of photographing excludes the photographer from participation. I’ve been in Europe for three month now, one task I’ve been trying to learn is to put down the camera and learn to immerse myself into whatever novel experience that is presented. An important lesson indeed, since I never realized how much I used the camera as a shield in social situations before.

History may remember the masters for being great photographers or artists in whatever field, but I’m sure those who knew Robert Capa or Andy Warhol or Elvis Presley defined them by their character, not by what they do. This philosophy is perhaps the secret to becoming the best of the best.


….though having said that, this is a poor excuse for not having updated anything for three month…

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