February 9, 2013 by Jeffery in Travel

What can one say about Taiwan and its people? For some reason I can only think of the negatives. We are insecure, selfish, self conscious, dependent and lacking in social morals. The positive? Well we do possess uselessly advanced arithmetic skills and can play the violin (sort of).  Two principles seem to have come to shape our society, profitability and materialism. Combining the characteristics of the people and our societal aspirations, you end up with a pretty ugly city.  Harsh and unpatriotic, I know.

Perhaps I’m over critical, but I would like to think I’ve been blessed with knowledge and skills to see things more objectively. It’s the benefit of living overseas, you are rewarded with another perspective.

Over the years I came to discover the flaws of Taiwan and its people, but maybe it’s age, I also became more and more attached to it. It’s the patchy lights, the stuffy air, the busy crowds, all the little things that makes a place home. 16 years in New Zealand, this trip was the first time Taiwan felt like the home from my childhood. I finally found beauty here again. I love Taiwan, warts and all.

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