March 28, 2012 by Jeffery in Projects

What makes something art?


The question that has kept artists & critics awake at night. I consider this question as something of a rite of passage for young artists. Everybody should take a shot at answering this question. Here’s mine.

Through the ages, art has always progressed alongside social changes. In many ways, art is a reflection of our time. At its inception art tried to capture the beauty of nature. As the mindset of individuals and the society grew in complexity, art became more introspective. It evolved from emulation of nature to exploration of the abstract, subconscious layer of the human psyche. Today we arrived at post-modernism, a time period where art is without a center.  Examining the state of the modern society, this era in art makes perfect sense. As cynical as this may sound, but as a civilization, we have never been more lost than we are now. Switch on the TV we see unjustified fame, questionable role models, institutionalized invasion of privacy, political correctness gone wrong and mindless advertisements for crap we don’t need. The 2011 London Riot sums it up, this truly is a generation of rebels without a cause.

Today there is an explosion of art mediums, techniques and themes. In fact, many modern art pieces defy conventional notion of art. To many, this diversity is celebrated. To others, a visit to the art gallery often causes frustration, anger & grief. I’m somewhere in between. I welcome the diversity, but really, a vase on a very tall table isn’t great art.

So this piece is my answer to the question. Art should exist in any shape or form. It should require mastery and technical skills and it should communicate ideas and/or emotions. Keeping in line with post modern art, I picked the most mundane & random everyday task and examined it in great details. At the same time, I wanted it to reflect the current superficial & commercial state of mind. This is a four page recipe on how to make toasts. Take it for what it is, and feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

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